Teacher Testimonials

Nisreen M.

The most wonderful thing about the TLC culture is the fact that all the staff members are like one big family. Hence, we feel like family members and not staff members. I was accepted into the TLC family easily with warmth and affection. The Management team members have a very friendly and informal approach towards all the TLC members. No one is given less importance in any which way whether it is a CM or a caregiver. My team members are cooperative, supportive and fun to work with.

I am allowed the freedom to do my job independently without being micromanaged. When I do something well, it is appreciated and encouraged by my seniors and colleagues which is a very motivating factor. Wherever hand holding is required, my seniors and my colleagues are always willing to help. I just have to pick up the phone and I get a solution to my problem. Every day at TLC is a new learning experience. It’s a positive environment wherein I am part of a team who are changing children’s lives for the better.


Miloni Shah

It’s been almost 2 years working with TLC and it has been a beautiful journey so far. The organization has provided many opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally by providing joyful learning experiences through various workshops and training’s. TLC in true sense stands for Tender, Loving and Caring not only to the children but also to each and every member of the organization.



“Yippee! I have joined The Little Company” was my first thought when I had joined TLC. For me it was like a cocoon getting ready to open up and spread its beautiful colored wings, but this would not have been possible without the guidance of the staff members. Here I refer to the cocoon and butterfly both as teachers and students, as TLC gives abundant open space for both student and teacher to grow. I was of course fascinated by the thought of teaching in a day care, playschool, nursery, toddlers and activity Centre – all under one roof. Here, one could chip in their ideas in many areas of development of a child. These ideas were shared and used for different activities, sports annual event, graduation, different festivals and the list goes on.

I always conducted my class thinking it should not just be a class, it should be a FUN class where the children learn and at the same time enjoy themselves. This was possible only at TLC where one is allowed to open up and share their knowledge and ideas for the bright future of children and give them a home away from home.

I was given a warm welcome by everyone including the Centre Managers, Coordinator, sweet didis and facilitators at TLC. This makes you feel so comfortable with everyone from the beginning itself. If you are welcomed with such love and affection, one will pass this positive vibe to the children whom you are greeting. Never forget to wear your smile.

TLC gives the teachers warm affection, love and care and uses their thought process without discarding it. In return, they give what they get to the children. The Little Company guides children from their cocoons and turns them into colorful butterflies.

This journey of mine with The Little Company is a never ending journey. Even though I have left I carry along the most precious gift with me in my heart – the fond memories of this beautiful work place or I should say fun place and the learning experience from all the staff members.

Wishing the whole Team of ‘The Little Company’ All the Best for your never ending journey to spread happiness, love and care.

Thank you to The Little Company Team.