Corporates Day Care

Corporate Day Care

How often have you had friends who decided to take a break from work because they felt guilty of compromising their child’s quality of life by continuing to work? Supporting your staff with their childcare needs can benefit both you & your employees.

Employers that provide childcare facilities are recognised as employee friendly. This makes it easier for them to get smarter people to work for them; & since their employees are happier, they are less likely to leave even for better opportunities. The mothers & fathers working with you will perform better knowing that their child is in a safe, friendly & fun place like TLC!

TLC today manages Onsite Child Daycare centers within corporate offices in Mumbai & Gurgaon. TLC assists  employers’ right from project evaluation (demand, need, feasibility studies) to the identification of a site, design, execution & finally the running of a day-care center. TLC Daycare centers are for children from as early as 6 months old, with convenient afterschool programs for children up to 8 years of age. TLC also provides back-up childcare for parents who need it only occasionally.

Our objective at TLC is to partner with you to plan, build & run a best-in-class child-care facility which makes parenting fun & comfortable for your employees. To know more about our corporate model, please write to us at