Mommy Rebooted

Published by firstmomsclub The FMC ‘Mommy Rebooted’ for the month of January are Amrita Singh & Bindu. These 2 Mommies run high quality Daycare spaces for children at their independent as well as Corporate Centers out of Mumbai and Gurgaon

Watch your words!!

Parents love discussing their children. It is their favourite pass time and they seldom tire when talking about them. While doing so, is your child within hearing distance? Are her fragile ears listening to all that is being said about her and what is her reaction? All adults have to be very careful about what […]

Does technology aid learning for young children?

Technology today is an integral part of our day to day lives and children are being exposed to it in various forms at a very young age. This exposure presents a certain set of benefits as well as challenges when it comes to young children. The early childhood classroom is in various stages of adoption […]