TLC Standards

The Little Company gives us tender loving care
It’s the place where I dare to dream without despair

The Little Company is a home away from home
It’s the place where I am never alone

Tender Loving Care

It is the foundation of what we do, how we do it & who we are. At TLC, children & adults together create an environment where Tender Loving Care overflows. If you are happy, you can transmit & share the same. TLC helps a child feel safe, secure, wanted, loved & treasured. This allows the child to be confident to explore, experiment, express, create & share. TLC team at every center goes the extra mile for each child.


For the holistic development of young children, a high quality environment is paramount. Actually, to be truly successful at anything, quality & passion are imperative. TLC environment has enough & more stimuli for children to want to explore. A well trained team facilitates holistic development by making the most of learning moments with children. Freshly cooked nutritious meals are important for growth. Each element at a TLC Center adds to the quality which benefits the child.


As individuals we are responsible for ourselves, our thoughts & actions. At TLC, we are also responsible for the future. Parents trust us with their precious little ones – we shoulder their responsibility & work with parents in a close partnership to provide the best to our children. At TLC we are committed to helping children be confident, sociable & happy.

Child Centricity

Children are at the center of our world. Their interests & rights are protected while drafting & implementing our environment, processes & guidelines. The physical infrastructure at all our Centers has been built keeping their needs in mind. The value based curriculum we follow allows children to build their own compass to navigate the world around them.

Joyful Learning

Is there really any other kind of learning?
TLC facilitates hands-on learning where children can make errors without judgement in an environment which encourages them to do explore. Milestones may be common but each child will get there at his or her own pace. An early childhood space requires keen observation powers, patience & persistence on behalf of the adults. To facilitate this, we have a continuous learning program that brings the best practices in Childcare to everyone at TLC.

These values are intricately linked & help us ensure that wherever we are & whoever we are, everyone benefits from being a part of the TLC family.