Adhrit Godbole (TLC Vikhroli)
The first 9 months I spent with Adhrit alone, I gave my heart & soul in taking care of him & teaching him. I believe when he is here, he has a similar environment with lots of love & care. Thank you TLC!
Mother, Anushri Kumar, Freelance Artist & Photographer

Ayush Deepak (TLC Bandra)
My first born Aryan came to TLC 3 years ago for Playschool. I was very happy to be associated with TLC from then on. He grew from a baby to a person (with character, identity, individuality). While he was here, TLC prepared him to be independent enough to start school. The staff at TLC is more like mothers and do much more than what parents can. The kids are lucky to have such patient, loving & consistent care. The day I found out I was pregnant with my second baby I knew where he needs to go for school. I am a happy, confident & lucky mom to have her children start their baby steps at TLC.
Mother, Sai Lakshmi, Homemaker

Arshiya Verma (TLC Corporate Center at Genpact, Gurgaon)
I’m highly impressed with the activities you and your team undertake for the Kids upbringing. The “Lil’ snippets” content is very interesting to read and it makes me think ‘How my Kid is behaving in his/her OFFICE’! I just wanted to add my feedback to the series of in-numerous compliments your team would have received so far! Thanks for making such wonderful initiatives in the ‘Kids world’. I always recommend my social circle of your ‘Learning enriched’ kids-World.
Mother, Chetna M. Verma, (Asst Manager) Genpact

Vivaan (TLC Corporate Center at L’Oreal, Mumbai)
TLC has become a real home away from home for Vivaan & the TLC team, his extended family. Kudos to the TLC team…you guys are doing an excellent job!
Mother, Rupika Raman, (General Manager, Marketing) Garnier

Ishaan Sinha (TLC Corporate Center at HUL, Mumbai)
My experience and relationship with TLC now is 2 years and it’s only been exemplary, to say the least. To me the fact that he is here, learning/playing/being creatively engaged is such a huge relief and support, both. Ishaan has grown as an individual and a large credit to his learning and growth goes to TLC, your staff and his friends here, so once again thank you very much. I count on TLC as a partner when it comes to Ishaan’s upbringing.
Mother, Aakriti Chandra, (Head of Rewards, South Asia) HUL

Vanij Sharma (TLC Corporate Center at RBS, Gurgaon)
TLC Daycare Infospace — what an awesome place! Children are family and given great opportunities to grow and shine here! You all take impeccable care of Vanij. I have never seen such dedication to work and the love for the children that you have at your daycare. We couldn’t be happier and as a full-time working parent, that fact that I NEVER worry about Vanij, definitely says a lot about the trust and faith I have I you!  You really know how to make kids feel at home – be it a little cuddle in warm blankets on a cold day or a fun-filled dancing and jumping sessions!!!!! You strive to create a home away from home atmosphere for the children and actually do an excellent job. The complete staff here makes sure that the kids here have fun, education and a healthy environment.

Dropping Vanij off at your place and picking him up every day, it was always very evident that I was taking him to a happy place, full of love. Watching him play with the other kids, seeing them laugh together and encourage each other, reinforced that this was his other family.

Great Kudos to you and a Big Thank you! You all have been amazing!!!!!!
Father, Amber Sharma, (VP Operations) RBS 

Angad Singh (TLC Vikhroli)
TLC is the sanest decision I took for my child and have never looked back since. Now my child goes to a bigger school but TLC still is home to him. The environment, friendly staff & comfortable experience is a great relief to a working parent like me, I have been vociferously recommending TLC to so many friends and colleagues & I think it’s worth the money spent. I hope to continue the association with TLC for as long as I can & am sure my son does too. Thanks to TLC Vikhroli for so many smiles and happy moments!
Mother, Anuradha Singh, (Deputy General Manager) Future Value Retail Limited

Ahilya Lulla (TLC Bandra)
We are very thrilled each day when we see Ahilya in the evening post work often recounting her day at school at TLC & know we made the right choice. All the little things viz. Lil Snippets, Lil Moments etc are a treat to read, see & savour & to reflect on the TLC attention to detail. We were both not very confident at the beginning about the play way method but are now believers having seen Ahilya blossom at TLC. We also marvel at the fact of how TLC has given us parents the complete confidence that our precious daughter is in the safe environs getting the Tender Loving Care which is all compliments to the fabulous teachers, staff & management! Thank you!
Kabir Lulla & Madhura Karle, Askara Ent.

Nishant Mantrala (TLC Vikhroli)
Excellent, overall! Secluded environs; caring teachers & staff; clean & hygienic surroundings ensure that parents can both work in peace & be comforted about their child’s development.
Won’t hesitate to recommend the experience to anyone!
Father, M. S. V. Prasad, (Director) FIT IDFC

Vivaan (TLC Corporate Center at Genpact, Gurgaon)
TLC is always ready to listen to and find solutions rather than ignoring request of parents. I am glad to have put my child here. Thank you TLC team!
Mother, Shilpa Jain Aggarwal, (Senior Manager, Marketing) Genpact

Avni Khsirsagar (TLC Corporate Center at HUL, Mumbai)
TLC is a blessing we have been introduced to by the HUL campus. We are happy with the services provided and efforts and contribution it is making in the development of the child.  The early engagement for her movement to the toddler section is appreciated making us aware of all her needs (Food dishes/ habits). Thank you for the awareness and proactive actions demonstrated during the HFMD episode which helped to detect infection in early time and treat them. Continue doing the best as you do always. Thank you and all the best!!
Mother, Aditi Joshi, (Sr. R&D Associate) HUL

Jia Kohli (TLC Corporate Center at RBS, Gurgaon)
Our little one, Jia, is with TLC Day Care from around 8 months & how we call it –> Trust Love & Care.
Like any other family it was a really hard decision for us to send our 6month old baby to a day care. The whole Idea of keeping a kid in day care away from grandparents is still considered to be NOT SO GOOD, but TLC, RBS branch has changed our thoughts big time. Starting from dropping you child at venue in morning, the teachers/didi’s & other staff welcomes your baby with so cheerful & smiling face that at least that smiles last on your face for 5 mins. The whole day they take care of your baby & teach them to eat, sit, walk, laugh, talk & what not. Being inside their premises couple of time, they keep it very neat & clean despite of so many little demons running around. At the end of the day, I have always found my baby coming out of TLC day care with a Big Smile on her lovely face. Thanks to the staff’s positive energy & caring attitude.
The best moment with TLC: We celebrated 1st B’day of our Kid in their premises with other kiddos. TLC took special permission for grandparents as well & decorated the whole section so prettily. Couple of teachers even skipped their lunch to complete the decoration to make sure our occasion turns out to be a special one. We cannot forget that one hour; now they all are part of our memories. We are so thankful to you & you truly deserve applaud from our side. Thank you for all the care/love to our child & helping us grow her day by day.
Mother, Anu Bala, (Software Designer) RBS