About us


TLC: Leading choice for Corporate Day Care

TLC today manages the largest number of Onsite Corporate Day care centres within offices across India. TLC assists employers’ right from project evaluation (demand, need, feasibility studies) to the identification of a site, design, execution and finally the running of a day-care centre. TLC Day care centres are for children ages as early as 6 months old to 6 years of age. TLC also provides emergency day-care for parents who need it only occasionally.

Our objective at TLC is to partner with employers to plan, build and run a best-in-class child-care facility which makes parenting fun and comfortable for the employees. We have over 11 years of experience in supporting both the company and its employees with their childcare needs.

Employers that provide childcare facilities are recognised as employee friendly. This guarantees employee satisfaction and aids in bringing talented candidates on board. That’s not all, working parents will perform better knowing that their child is in a safe, friendly and fun place like TLC!

We are well supported by several leading experts in the field of education, child psychology, paediatrics and nutrition. All TLC programs have been carefully designed around the critical parameters of health, safety and development. TLC stands for child care that focuses completely on the individual.

Our mission is to help each child develop their own unique identity and at their own pace and instill confidence in children by providing an environment where they feel good about themselves as learners. We strive to unleash each child’s true potential by giving them the opportunity to explore, experiment and create, in a safe and nurturing environment. TLC is popularly used as an acronym for Tender Loving Care which we try to infuse in abundance into whatever we do.